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About this Episode

Is your shop slow right now with fewer countertop projects? It’s the holiday season, the market isn’t great and homeowners are pulling back a bit on spending. You need to map out a strategy for 2024 to keep growing.

In this workshop, I’m going to lay out exactly what you need to increase revenue for your shop in 2024. No fluff but solid strategies you can take away and use for your shop.

This training will be published as an article in the Slippery Rock Gazette in Jan 2024 so make sure to jump on the training early! It goes over:

The Current Market – Let’s talk about 2023 and what happened. The beginning of the year was hot, and then it slowed down.

What Your Shop NEEDS – I will not sugar coat this and I’ll give it to you straight. You need to be doing certain things and we’ll talk about each one.

Gameplan for 2024 – This will be a very simple plan to follow. The work won’t be simple, but the plan will be very clear and I’ll explain what you’ll need to do and when.

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