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[Fabricators + Shop Owners] Get more retail jobs with a system.

Most countertop shops I talk to grow the retail part of their business with word-of-mouth, referrals, builders, and contractors. And that’s great! But it’s also not predictable. Most have one of these problems:

❌ No system to get leads outside of WOM and referrals.
❌ Don’t want to rely on Home Depot, Lowes, or contractors sending you jobs. The profit margin is too low.
❌ You’re spending $ on marketing but have NO IDEA if it’s working (I hear this often!).
❌ There is no plan in place to take your countertop shop to the next level. 

We recently started working with a countertop shop that was spending $8K per month on Google ads and wasn’t sure if she was getting leads. She now spends less per month, we used some of that budget on Facebook ads & now knows how much she pays per lead! 

Grab a time below. When we talk there will be No BS, No “sales tactics” just a conversation to see if we can help grow your shop.

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