Countertop Shop Marketing Tips from What We’ve Learned in 2022

2022 Tips To Do In 2023

We are doing a new monthly series where we review and talk about our Slippery Rock Gazette article. 2022 was a great year for most shops. But we did learn some interesting facts since we work with so many shops. 

On this workshop I’ll go over what you should be doing in terms of your website and social media. We’ll end with an open discussion on Zoom so if you have questions, I can answer them!

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WHEN: Thursday April 27th
WHERE: LIVE Online at 1:00pm EST

What You’ll Learn

  • Your Website Is Key – We’ll first go over the importance of your site and how they can bring you in countertop jobs.
  • Social Media Strategies – I’ll show you what worked in 2022 and what you should do this year.
  • Tools You NEED – We’ll go over a big problem I saw in the industry for 2022 and unfortunately continue to see this year. 

Training Overview

  • 45 Minute Over The Shoulder Training
  • Q&A After The Training
  • Registrants will get a recording

Limited Space Available

We only have so many spots for this. Make sure to register now to secure your spot on this live & interactive webinar.

Who is Stephen?

Stephen is the owner of the Countertop Marketing Co. He helps countertop shops grow and get more retail countertop jobs outside of word of mouth and referrals with Google and Social Media. Stephen is the father of 2 young kids (Mason and Lola), a below-average golfer, and loves to cook Italian food for his wife Lisa.