K&B Google My Business Training

We’ll Show You How To Setup & Optimize Your GMB

Google My Business can bring in a MASSIVE amount of leads for your K&B or countertop company. We find that GMB is usually one of the top sources of leads for our clients, with Google search being just as powerful. 

You’ll find training videos below that take you step by step on setting up and optimizing your listing. Your K&B or countertop competitors are not doing these tactics. We audit a lot of GMB’s and find about 5% of companies out there have a properly optimized Google My Business profile. So take advantage of this flaw in the industry and follow our training! Also if you need help with this, setup a call and reach out to us. 

Make sure to follow the trainings in the order they are in. Even if you think you don’t need a particular video, watch it. You will probably pick up a few golden nuggets in the video. We also try to keep our videos to around 2-5 minutes or so. They are bite-size and easy to consume. Enjoy! 

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