How To Get Google Reviews For Your Countertop Projects

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About this Workshop

Getting more online reviews for your countertop projects is not easy. Maybe you get 1-2 out of 20 customers that you ask. If that! But getting more online reviews on Google (and Facebook) can bring you in a MASSIVE amount of installs.

I’m going to go over a few ways to get more online reviews for your countertop company in this workshop. I’ll give you a plan so you can start right away.

Below is what I talk about in the video:

1. Visit this link
2. Type in your companies name and select it from the drop-down.
3. Grab your Place ID. It should look something like this ChIJRRUrj2wQ6IkRszvytwb2isM.
4. Paste your Place ID at the end of this link https :// (delete the space between the https and the :// — we had to put that in there in order for YT to show the link correctly)
5. Now that link is a bit long. To shorten it go here

Email template:

Subject line: Hey NAME, quick favor to ask

Body of the email:


Thanks for using us for your BLANK PROJECT. I hope you are enjoying your new TYPE OF COUNTERTOP AND KITCHEN. We really enjoyed working on this project.

I have a quick favor to ask. Could you please leave a review on Google and/or Facebook. It helps to tell others about your experience with us. I provided the links below to our profiles:

Google: link

Facebook: link

And if there is something you are not happy about or if you have a question, please either reply back or call me directly at 555-555-5555.



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