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Looking to learn about how to market your countertop or K&B remodeling company? Then you’re in the right place! Each of our training modules breaks down topics like Google Maps, SEO, PPC and many others! 

Explore a topic below.

Google Maps

Google Maps (aka Google My Business) is a MASSIVE opportunity for your K&B or countertop company. We break it all down for you.


You need to rank high in Google in order to bring in more projects.

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Google Ads

You can burn lots of money with Google ads if not setup correctly.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can bring in leads and work really well in some areas.

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Optimizing Your Website

Your site needs to be properly optimized and we'll show you how.

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Tracking Leads

We will go over the tools and how to set them up to track your traffic and leads.

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