A Program for Every Countertop Shop

Hands-off marketing to grow your shop.



Get more retail countertop job leads on Facebook & Instagram with our GROW program. Plus use our system to follow up with leads and get more Google reviews.


Our SCALE program helps you get more countertop leads on social media plus we run ads on Google search and Google maps to broaden your reach.


Dominate your local market with our ACCELERATE program. We’ll increase retail jobs with paid ads plus we’ll help you get more organic Google traffic.
B2B GROW (Add-On)


Reach more contractors, builders, K&B businesses and other partners with our B2B Program. Even a few of these deals could be very profitable!

ENGAGE Program


Your shop needs a solid website, an optimized Google Maps profile, and a system to follow up with leads. We see so many shops that do not have this foundation and it can hurt your business. The ENGAGE program is included with every program above.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With our programs, the amount you spend on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads is not included. You pay that directly to Facebook or Google. So let’s say you go for the GROW package that is $995/mo. You will also need to spend money on ads. A good starting budget is around $1000/mo. You pay that directly to Facebook. So in paying us $995 + paying Facebook $1000 you will spend about $1995/month. As long as we can get you 1 job that first month, it will pay for itself! Our goal is to get you more than just 1 countertop job.

Leads tend to be around $20-100/lead so for $100/mo in ad spend on Facebook, you should get around 12-20 leads per month.

If you want us to handle all of your online marketing for your shop, the ACCELERATE program is for you. We will work with your marketing team and if you don’t have one, we will be your marketing team.

The ACCELERATE program requires a 12-month agreement. The main reason is that SEO takes time. It can not be done in 1 month, 3 or most of the time even 6 months. It’s a lot of work on our end and takes time to move up the rankings in Google. That’s the main reason for the 12-month contract. 

Our GROW & SCALE program is a 3/6 month agreement and our ACCELERATE program is a 12-month agreement. When you add on a Fabricator Framework website, we do have a minimum program agreement required explained more below. We can explain that on a call.

This is included in all of our programs and includes everything outlined in the ENGAGE program. That program is $295/mo and is a 12-month commitment. We do have a setup fee of $500 so that first month will be $795. It includes a 10-page website that’s optimized for Google. Any additional pages are $50/page to create. After the required subscription time expires, you will 100% own the website and can cancel at any time.

Yes if you have multiple showrooms then we charge our base price for the first location, and then 50% of the program you are in for each location. So if you have 3 locations and want to do the GROW program then it would be $995 plus $497.50 for location 2 and $497.50 for location 3. Which is $1990/mo for all 3 locations. 

With that we recommend you have ad spend for each location. You pay Facebook and Google the ad spend directly but you should allocate an ad spend budget for each location.

To manage your SEO, Google Ads, and FB/IG ads it takes a full team to work on your campaign. We have team members that specialize in writing content, onsite optimization, link building, paid ads, and many other aspects of a campaign. This is a full-blown marketing campaign that will take your shop to the next level.

We can get a 10 page site live in under 30 days. But this depends on how quickly the shop can get back to us with approvals. Most sites go live within 30-60 days after we start.

We are here for you! You can reach out to support 24/7 and you will hear back from us within 1 day or less. We can also jump on a Zoom call and walk you through anything that you need. We are here to make this work for you!

The lead cost can range depending on your market. We typically see leads from $30-150/lead. So if you spend $1000 per month on FB ads you should get around 12-24/leads a month.

Ad spend is not included. You must spend at least $30-35/day which is around $1000/month. When we create the campaign we will set up your account so you pay FB & IG directly. We recommend spending around $1000-1500/month on ad spend on Google as it usually needs a little more budget to see a better return. We can always increase your budget but that’s a good starting point.

We are currently working on a few integrations with some of the countertop software companies out there. Most will be live early 2024.