Episode 1: How to Improve Your K&B or Countertop Quoting Experience

Frank Sciarrino, COO of Quote Countertops, and Stephen Alberts talk about how to improve your quoting experience with Quote Countertops. They also discuss ways to get more countertop or K&B jobs with insider tips! Listen to this podcast on your favorite streaming platform.

About this Episode

In this episode we talk to Frank Sciarrino about Quote Countertops and how it all began. Frank discusses his experience in growing up and working in the family countertop business. He gives us some insight into the issues he saw in the industry while working in it, and what they did to help other fabricators. Frank and Stephen also discuss some tips on getting more quotes and also where they both see the industry going. Make sure to tune in and get ready to learn!

Guest Profile

Frank Sciarrino is the COO at Quote Countertops and managing partner. Quote Countertops gives people a more modern experience when buying a countertop or remodeling their kitchen. The software can be used on your website or in showrooms. It’s mobile friendly, easy to use and fast so homeowners can visualize and get pricing on their projects.

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