Your 2022 Countertop Company Marketing Plan

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About this Workshop

I speak to a lot of countertop companies and I’d say about 95% of them do not have a plan to grow. Most want to double the sq footage they do a day but have no idea how to. 

In this workshop, we’ll plan out a marketing strategy that will help you double the sq footage you do a day. I’ll break down what you should expect to pay in costs and also give you a timeline. What you’ll learn is:

  • What’s Working Now – We’ll go over what is currently working for countertop companies in helping them grow.
  • A Strategy For You To Follow – We’ll then plan out a strategy that you can follow to get you to double the sq footage you do a day.
  • Review Your Timeline – This is not going to happen overnight so we’ll show you a realistic timeline and budget you can expect to 2X your sq footage. 
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